Botelho’s Contos da Cantuária a finalist for Prêmio Jabuti!

Brazil's  Prêmio Jabuti wins the award for the best award statue!
Brazil’s Prêmio Jabuti wins the award for the best award statue!

By Candace Barrington

I received this happy note from José Francisco Botelho, whose Brazilian-Portuguese translation of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales was published 2013

Good news. Contos da Cantuária is among the finalists for the Prêmio Jabuti, the biggest literary prize in Brazil, in the category “Literary Translation – English to Portuguese”. This year has seen a huge number of works enrolled (over 2000 in all categories), so it is really, really good to be among the finalists; that alone is a considerable prize, even if the Contos don’t get to the final three winning places (final results come out in October). I also hope this will help to make Chaucer better known in Brazil; already I have been contacted by Brazilian medievalists who have read the Contos and are thrilled that Chaucer is finally in verse form amongst us. Some months after the first edition of the Contos arrived to the bookshops, a new edition of Paulo Vizioli’s prose translation has been issued (it had been out of print for over a decade). So it seems the merry company is on the road.

Congratulations from Global Chaucers!  Contos.

We will post the final results when they appear in October.


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