The Medieval Globe: a new journal of interest


by Candace Barrington

The Medieval Globe, a new journal edited by Carol Symes, is now accepting submissions. It explores the modes of communication, materials of exchange, and myriad interconnections among regions, communities, and individuals in an era central to human history. It promotes scholarship in three related areas of study:

1. the direct and indirect means by which peoples, goods, and ideas came into contact

2. the deep roots of allegedly modern global developments

3. the ways in which perceptions of “the medieval” have been (and are) constructed and deployed around the world.

This third area will be of particular interest to those involved in Global Chaucers, it seems, and we look for suggestions for possible collaborative projects. If you have any ideas or proposals, please contact either Candace ( or Jonathan (

A Chaucerian Valentine’s Day


by Candace Barrington

Marcin Ciura’s recently published Sejm ptasi, a Polish translation of Chaucer’s The Parlement of Foules, provides a happy opportunity for Global Chaucers to celebrate the holiday’s  origins among a group of late-fourteenth-century English poets. (For more about the debate surrounding the holiday’s origins, see Bruce Holsinger’s tongue-in-check speculation).

Bo działo się to właśnie w święto Walentego,

Gdy każdy ptak przybywa w to miejsce na gody,

By wybrać swoją lubą bądź spotkać lubego.

Olbrzymi zgiełk czyniły skrzydlate narody,

A ziemia i powietrze, i drzewa, i wody

Mieściły wszech gatunków takie zatrzęsienie,

Żem ledwie znalazł miejsce na nóg postawienie.